You have invested enough of your time and intelligence in making changes to your content strategy according the new Facebook news Feed however do you know how to measure if it works or not. It is always good to keep an eye on the productivity as well as at the same time while you are making changes and putting in so much effort. Let me explain you about two ways you can go ahead and measure your facebook content strategy success.


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1. Analyze clickthrough rates of the post

analyze You can analyze the click through rate of the content that you have posted. Different post will receive different number of clicks. Not all the posts have the same click through rate. Now by comparing the clicks of the posts among themselves, you can get a clearer insight as to which post is doing better for you on Facebook. Now based on these results you can go ahead and make relevant changes to your content that you will be posting.

2. Evaluate your over all reach

evaluate How will you get to know that how the content posted by you is actually increasing your likes and your overall reach. Now here facebook insights play a role offering you opportunity to evaluate your overall reach. It helps you know all the likes and the friends of your fans and its sum total is what your facebook page is reaching. Now you can easily keep an eye on how this number gets to increase based off specific posts and helps you optimize your content for that reason.

This was all about measuring your facebook content strategy success. Your Facebook business page is an asylum for well-sculpted status updates, photos, and links. It is an ultimate content-sharing platform however it depends how well you optimize it.

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