With 500 million Tweets a day and 230 million active users, Twitter can prove to be an amazing marketing platform if leveraged well whether it is a start up or a well established business.

If you are an active Twitter user and are sharing the right content mix, not only you can reach a larger audience or generate more leads but can also become the go-to source when customers are ready to buy.

However, for now we are going to talk about how Twitter can help your small business and that should you invest time in twitter or not? So, let me walk you through the ways you can make most out of Twitter and help your small business grow faster.

Stand out with Twitter


1110 It’s not at all easy to compete with big brands but not impossible. Social networking sites are those platforms through which you can not only increase awareness about your brand among your customers but can easily reach out to those who are yet not familiar with your brand.

Think of ways you can stand out with Twitter. Reward Twitter followers with special perks, provide them with deal, discounts, coupons, offers and so on, and encourage them to share their experiences on twitter. This will bring your brand in front of a much larger audience.

223 Do something to keep your followers interested. Make sure your updates on Twitter are a right mix of business and fun and are not all business or all fun. Trivia and giveaways are great ways to keep your customers interested.

Be consistent no matter what


316 You might find that the platform isn’t giving immediate growth, still don’t give up and keep posting updates consistently. Twitter doesn’t work like a sprint but a marathon. So, you need to be patient and stick with it.

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Never overlook your mobile users


413 Mobile has become the primary way we market and consume information. Besides, a recent study revealed that number on mobile phones on earth is more than the number of human beings on it. So, you can imagine how important it has become to consider mobile users in mind while creating any marketing strategy whether it is about social networking site like Twitter.

Respond to your customer

551 Signing up with Twitter and posting updates isn’t sufficient you need to listen to your customer as well and respond to their queries, comments or complaints on time. Besides, the user generated content can help you help others.

Connect to your target audience

661 Who are you target audience? Mainly, those who are more likely to buy your product or service I mean those who need what you have to offer. For instance, you offer tour packages and you found that someone on twitter is talking about travel and is looking for travel deals; you should go ahead and try connecting with them, for they can be your potential customers. Try providing them with related useful information and advice, and make things easier for them; they will themselves come to you.

I hope you must have got by now that Twitter isn’t made for big companies only and that any business that knows about the trivia of conversation can find a place on the platform. You just need to pay attention to your customers and respond to their queries, comments and complaints. Besides, try to hold their interest with fun facts, local flavor and real-time information.

If you know some other ways to grow your twitter follower count do share with us in comments.

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