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The great Indian election is going to happen for the sixteenth time this year. With almost 815 million eligible voters electing 543 members to a new lower house of Parliament, the Lok Sabha, India is going to hold the biggest election in human history.

Elections anyways have remained a matter of excitement for the masses but the year 2014 is going to witness a true democracy , for everyone of us are a little bit more excited to elect our representative as there are a few candidates who really seem to change the adverse scenarios in the country.

People have become more aware of the Indian political situation and political parties as almost all political parties are sharing a common platform with the common man and that’s through social media. It seems that they aren’t going to be fooled by the fake promises and vows that the political parties have been making to gain their trust or say votes.

Although there are a plethora of parties in the country but the main competition seem to happen between the three major parties which are Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), Congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

But right now we are going to talk about a face that seems most promising to the masses and that they have already started claiming him as their leader as well.

Yes! You are guessing right!

He is none other than Narendra Modi, a chailwala who completely changed the state of Gujarat to one of the most sparkling states of India.

Narendra Modi who is representing BJP in union election, is serving his fourth consecutive terms as Gujarat Chief Minister (CM).

Whether it is Print, news, social media or any other medium, Narendra Modi has become the most debated person across the nation. Everybody everywhere is talking about him. Even Narendra Modi has been using social media to generate awareness about his party among the masses and the most remarkable point is that he is the only politician in the country with an extensive presence on Social Media i.e. he has almost tapped all the mediums. He has his own website, with social buttons as well to increase awareness and presence.

Let’s have look to his presence on social media

Facebook – 6.9 Million Fans
Twitter – 2.9 Million Followers
Google+ – 1 Million people have him in Circles
YouTube – 100k Subscribers

Talking about social media, it has been playing an important role in Elections worldwide especially the sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact a recent study revealed that the social mentions of the candidates before elections and their performance in the elections are somewhat correlated, especially when it comes to Twitter. It implies that the more they are mentioned on social media, the better it is for them.

With an exemplary presence on Social Media, Modi has a great personal brand presence on almost all the leading platforms. Not just that even the party he belongs to i.e. BJP has a great presence on social media. However, for now, let’s have a look to how his presence on Social media is leading to waves of conversations.

The number of people talking about him

modi1 When all the conversations taking place about Modi were tracked, it was found that there were innumerable mentions of him starting from 40K mentions to almost 1.7 million mentions in different months.

As far as the Average Daily Exposure is concerned, it was 28 Million Impressions. Although, it sometimes witnessed rise and fall but it remained constantly above the 20 Million line mark. It shows that really a very large number of people are talking about Modi every day.

The Platforms on which people are talking

modi2 Although Twitter happens to be the most preferred platform when it comes to voicing thoughts and opinions but still for those who are on other social media outlets can connect to Modi as well, for he has an extensive social media presence on all the leading social media platforms.

What people are conversing about?

modi3 As you can see in the conversation map based on the voicing opinions on Twitter, that although 15% of people are talking about congress and that it is followed by BJP with 14 % but almost rest of all discussions done on the current political situation surround Narendra Modi and his party, for example NaMo at 9%, Gujarat 5%, Shri Narendra 2%, Narendra 3%, leader 3%, and Party 4%.

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Outlook of the conversations happening

It is not that people are just appreciating Narendra Modi. There a few instances where people are critical of him but then they are very less in compared to the praises people are singing about him. Let’s have a look on both of them

The appreciations

A large part of the masses believe that Modi can really change the face of India uprooting and eradicating corruption that’s prevailing in the country since long. His fans, followers and supporter on Twitter are literally chanting for him to be the next Prime Minister and represent the Indian democracy.

The Criticism

Of course, there are a few people who are critical of him and don’t believe that Modi can bring any considerable change in the ongoing situation in the country whether it is political, social, and economical and so on.

However, if you look at the current situation number of people supporting NaMo is far more than that of those who are his kind of critics. Nareandra Modi, the most followed politician in India has a huge fan following and an impressive presence on various social media sites especially Facebook and Twitter.

Your Views

This was all about how Narendra Modi leverages social media to generate awareness about his party and what response did he get in turn from the masses. It is your turn now. Do let us know about your views in this regard. We would love to hear from you.

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