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Let me tell you a little secret!

You needn’t bear the heavy expenses of hiring an expert to make your website Google friendly!

Sounds good! Isn’t it?

Let me start with an interesting story

The story of Chander, Vikram and Karan (Me)

The NCR Team

1118 It was the summers of 2013 when all three of us realized that the regular 9-6 working lifestyle is not going to take us to the destination we always had dreamt of and that it was quite soul killing , monotonous and outdated. Our ambitious souls were not at all happy with what we were doing.

So, we decided and were determined to learn and get better.

We asked ourselves a few questions:

What skills do we all posses?

What is that we all can do well?

Which market already exists?

Between us, we had an approving set of skills. Chander – Web Designer. Vikram – Web Developer. Me –Digital Marketer.

As for the market that’s already existed- Web design

We did some market research and stumbled upon an exciting eye opener that most of the local competition was delivering poor web design services and were not using digital marketing methods to best promote their business online.

So, this is how we found a market, in which all three of us were confident we could all improve on, by building websites, and also offering digital marketing services to our clients to help them out-market the completion with the help of modern digital marketing techniques. In fact, even as far as our business is concerned we were able to out-rival the competitors with digital techniques.

So, we founded Zenith studio.

Lesson: Reinventing the wheel isn’t going to bring any substantial result. Instead do something the same and try to fill the gaps.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

1217 You know what! It is one of the common tendencies among the start ups in business that they keep on wondering as to why their websites is showing up at the top position on the first page of Google within just one day, or ever.
So, if you have just now started your business and feeling the same then trust me you are not only the one to think so.However, if truth be told you cannot just compete with the big players in the industry the day one of your business.

Hence, it is wise to start with realistic expectations and get prepared to put in the effort and time. Why? Because you might get your website to get displayed at the top position in search results in just one day but that is of no value as one can do the same the next day with a similar website and steal all your business.

We optimize our website not just for search engines but also for user experience and the better user experience you give , the more value Google gives to your website. So, you must follow the right tactics while optimizing your website; although that will take some time but the results would be long lasting.

Lesson: SEO is a nuclear reactor and not a bomb.

So what path we followed?

We paid attention to local SEO.

1310 It is perhaps the most practical way to get better ranking on Google for your targeted audience even in a shoestring budget.

It is basically the search engine optimization tactic that helps you attract specifically the local customer for your business.

We realized its potential and did the following

Keyword Research

We focused on keywords that we thought we could be successful competing with and so we chose ‘web design NCR’

We tried incorporating this keyword:

• Within the website copy wherever it fitted properly without giving an impression of keyword stuffing
• Within the homepage title tag and meta-data description.
• Within image alt tags and descriptions.

Lesson: Think local and be practical with your keyword choices.


The second thing we did was we started our own blog. If you really want to out-rival your competitors, you must out-write them. Keep on publishing good and informative industry related content constantly.

I cannot comprehend in words how doling out high quality, industry related and helpful content has contributed to our organic and local search rankings. It really has been deep-seated.

As far as writing a blog is concerned we have discussed it in detail in our article ‘How to Write a Blog Post in 9 easy steps’.

So keep blogging and if think you don’t have time to do so then it for sure means that you don’t want to compete for more business online.

Getting Listed on Free Directories

We listed our business on free directories. Although there are plenty of lists on the web but again you need to think local here.

We went ahead and searched for major competitors and found out which directories they were listed on and we also got listed to those directories. Not just that we also submitted our website to various CSS websites.

However, while doing so keep NAP in mind. Now what is Nap? Nap stands for Name. Address.Phone Number, mentioning which while listing your business on directories is crucial for your business.

FYI: Google cross-checks this information for geo-targeted searches. Hence, make sure the NAP on your website matches the NAP on your listings on the directories.

Lesson: Search for local directories to make your business appear relevant for that specific location. Besides, be consistent while mentioning details so that it should not contradict when Google cross references.

Getting social

As it has become the need of the hour and so we got social for which we took out some time and created & maintained the following accounts

Google +

Besides, make sure you share your content such as your blog posts on these platforms and engage with other people.

What happened eventually?

145 Google rewarded us – Zenith studio with the first position on its first page within just two months. We were successful in out-rivaling our competitors so soon.

Seven months later zenith reached its zenith with a big traffic of enquiries that came in. We now have 55 clients and even our team strength went higher due to increased requirement of services from us.

So, friends this how local SEO change our lives!

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