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Julian Bakery (www.julianbakery.com) is a food and beverage company that specializes in producing low carb, vegan, and gluten free breads. It was founded in 1990 by Barbara Squier. The bakery is famous for producing breads that are nutritious, organic and easy to digest.

Julian Bakery wanted to increase brand awareness and conversions for their business and thought of employing Google Display network to advertise it. The company has grown from 10 to 35 employees and revenue more than doubled last year in the three years that the company has been advertising with Google.


• To drive brand awareness for the company by increasing impressions
• To increase online conversions by driving relevant traffic to its online store
• To increase in-store conversions by promoting its products a relevant, local audience


• Placement targeting on the Google Display Network was used to run ads on relevant websites
• Geo-targeting was used to focus on areas with in-store sales


• 35% increase in conversions
• 330% increase in impressions
• Comparable CPA to search

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Words by Health Squier, Head of Marketing, Julian Bakery

“Google advertising has been key to our success! It’s helped us achieve significant growth, and will be an integral part of our future marketing campaigns!”

Watch Video on How Google Display Network Helped Julian Bakery to Increase Sales


Source: Google

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