data regarding the traffic coming to your website. These data actually inform you how your campaign is going on and it pinpoints about the weakness and strengths of your campaign. This set of information helps you grow fast. This also helps you if you are thinking to start a campaign to increase your blog’s page views or if you are planning to buy traffic. Either way, here are some of the main advantages of its usage.

1) Lets you track the productivity of your social engagement

17 Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are the places where there is a huge amount of people available and it is easier to drive them to your website or to your landing page by starting an effective campaign. However, it is difficult to monitor and know how exactly your campaign is running. Fortunately, Google Analytics introduced the social tool that lets you track the performance on each social network all in one dashboard.This saves a lot of your time, efforts and also helps you track your ROI from these campaigns and further you can understand which social site is more productive for you. To know more about the most imperative social media metrics, you can read our article here where we have explained it in detail.

2) Helps you measure the impact of mobile browsing to your website

25 Mobile internet browsing has already increased and the estimation says that mobile net users will surpass the desktop internet usersby 2015. So, webmasters these days are concentrating more on making their website mobile-friendly. With Google Analytics you can easily know as to which device is being used by the user.If majority of them are mobile users then it will measure the performance of the mobile apps, which includes the download and the engagement activities of your visitors. You will also know which pages get the highest views, the users’ engagement level, and the visit frequency, the bounce rate, and the duration of visits. This information can help you improve your marketing plans better.

3) Lets you determine the conversion rate of your web store

31 It is very important to track the conversion rate, know from where the traffic is coming to your website, which keyword terms are used to get to a specific web page, the demographic location of the traffic sources, and the bounce rate. These sets of information gives you better understanding about the productive segment and eliminate the non-productive segments. Further you also know the average time your visitors spent on the site, as well as the number of returning and new visits.

4) Helps you analyze your content performance

4 Content is the king that drives the major traffic to your website. Without content, it will be difficult for visitors to browse through the other pages. If your online shop is full of products and there is no content, the credibility of your web store will decrease due to its highly commercial nature.So it is very important to regularly update your content and effectively monitor the productivity of each post. Use content analysis that will identify which content gets the highest number of comments and social engagement, and which post captures the most number of page views. This content report gives you insight about the conversion rate of your posts. Hence, you can know interest of your visitors that will eventually lead to sales.

5) Helps you monitor the performance of your ads


It is true that your effective ads’ campaign accelerates your journey to success. The advertising analytics will let you track various advertising channels such as search ads, social ads, display and banner ads, affiliates, and emails. This tool also adds the Adwords campaign, so you will know which keyword is very productive and which of the keywords are non-productive. If you are marketing with Adwords, you will be able to auto-tag your campaign so that you can clearly see the conversion rates of different ads placement and the conversion rate of your landing pages. Not just that the distinguished data also helps you with remarketing campaigns and tap on the right customers.

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Google Analytics is one of the components we are teaching in our Advanced Digital Marketing Course that really benefits the students to face the challenge of the professional world.

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