About GeekZone

geekzoneoverview Geekzone (www.geekzone.co.nz) is the largest technology site in New Zealand and a global presence on the Internet, with 40 percent of its traffic from the United States. The site offers up technology news articles, member blogs, and user forums on everything from Windows to mobile technology to home theater. Geekzone had 633,000 unique users and over 1 million page views in December 2006 according to Google Analytics.


• Create a place where technophiles could get their fill of information on computers, gadgets, and the Internet.
• Monetize the flow of traffic to their site and generate revenue by displaying relevant ads on their content site.
• Banner advertising, pop-ups and data collection methods seemed too distracting, took-up too much valuable space, were poorly targeted and generally offered a disappointingly low CPM
• Micromanaging different ad networks was time consuming and yielded poor results


geekzone • Adsense account was setup
• Content based on resolution to the ongoing issues were created and published
• Adsense ads were tailored to the specification of www.geekzone.co.nz
• Ads were customized so that their colors matched the color palette of their host page.
• Ads and conversion rates were monitored and tested
• Ads were optimized based on their performance[useful_banner_manager banners=24 count=1]



• Google Adsense generated 65 to 80 percent of their earnings and Adsense ads are the main source of revenue for the site.
• Users very seldom turn off the site ads

“I think it says something about the non-intrusiveness of AdSense content and appearance that so few users choose to remove ads from their view,” said Mauricio Freitas.

Words by Mauricio Freitas, Founder, GeekZone

“AdSense was the reason that I could leave my day job and concentrate on my business. It allowed me to work from home and for myself, which is something I’d always wanted.”

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