, a company that was originally developed to provide a Garden Finder database of the public gardens of the world and host an online resource for landscape architecture students at the University of Greenwich, London, also works as a publisher for Garden History, Garden Design and Garden Travel at present.

It was then when the Henry Turner, the head web-developer of, read about Google AdSense and thought of making some money from their website, the idea of using their site for Google AdSense popped up.

Now, the company gets 85% of its online advertising revenue from Google AdSense. Not just that, they also have two further websites that are and

The objective:

To make money from the website through Google AdSense.

* was created as a resource for students in University of Greenwich, London and not for any commercial intent.

How Google AdSense helped in accomplishing their objective?

The implementation of ads seemed pretty easy. The top optimization tips used by the company to attract natural user attention and make most out of Google AdSense campaigns:-

• The content of the website to complement the ads
• Proper and relevant ad placement

This is how by following a dual approach the company not only increased its revenue but also maintained a good online experience for users.

The company found that, unlike banner ads, they don’t have to spend time and money selling the placements in Google AdSense rather; it provides a more efficient solution by automatically connecting their ad inventory to hundreds of thousands of AdWords advertisers without having to invest sales resources.


There are so many products related with AdSense that the company made use of apart such as DFP Small Business and Google Analytics to get better ROI. Use of Google Analytics, which is a free software tool that provides rich insights into website traffic and marketing effectiveness, helped the company gain better understanding of where users are coming from and how they’re interacting with their site.

Moreover, also made use of Google Ad Manager, which is a hosted ad management solution that helps you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure your entire directly-sold and network-based inventory. It helped them to run both their direct advertising and AdSense alongside each other, ensuring that they get the best price for their ad space.


• 85% of company’s online advetsing revenue comes from Google AdSense
• AdSense became one of multiple revenue streams for their business
• Increase in CTR due to an accurate ad targeting

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Words by Henry Turner, head web-developer of

On Implementations:

“We put AdSense code on the site one day, just for a bit of fun. By the end of the week we were making $100 a day!”

On Outcomes:

“On average this year AdSense has supplied over 85% of our online advertising revenue. Considering that we have to spend time to make sales for that other 15%, we consider AdSense more valuable as it is pure profit.”

About Google Advertising:

“Google’s targeting algorithm is better than the competition… it can provide a useful exit to a user.”

About Google AdSense:

“Honestly speaking, AdSense was the wake-up call for our business. It has since provided a backbone for us to expand into other areas. “

“The banner ads sold directly through our team simply pale in comparison to the CPC revenue we generate from AdSense.”

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