How Flexiguru is solving the needs of students by combining content with videos and making it their USP?

About Flexiguru

Flexiguru imparts education in the comfort of your browser with self-study material, live tutoring and a Q&A community.Flexiguru enables flexible learning by providing learners with choices because everyone learns differently. It brings together variety of learning content created by world renowned gurus and allows learners to construct their own personal learning collections.

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Based on the belief of “crowd learning” that every person is a carrier of knowledge that can be made available to others; Flexiguru’s platform is designed for anyone to teach. Whether you want to publish a small video, eBook, notes or full course, Flexiguru platform makes it very easy to publish just about any kind of content.

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Why we choose Flexiguru as startup of the Week?

• Flexiguru has advantage of its USP of combining content with videos to cater services to the students.

• It has attractive user interface which makes it easy to understand the functionality of the website and app.

• Huge collection of learning resource is available and provided on their platform.

• There is over 25K paid customers on their platform that makes them quite popular in the market.

• They used social media platforms effectively to target their audience and convert them into leads.

Story and growth

It was a cold winter evening in Ohio,USA when one of a cousin of Ankur Agarwal studying in ninth grade while preparing for mid-term exams asked Ankur for a help in getting troubled by some concepts but unfortunately Ankur was of no help to him. There and then Ankur thought that there might be a lot of kids, students and professionals facing the same issue in day-to-day life and this ignited the spark in him to build a platform to provide a solution.

Ankur started researching and results were very strange. The whole web was flooded with many e-learning portals, but disgustingly he didn’t found even a single platform which integrates content and live tutoring services into an easily consumable format and that what became the USP of Flexiguru.

Then the journey of Flexiguru started with Piron Corporation which is the holding company and corporate identity of Flexiguru. Piron includes all B2B operations while Flexiguru is B2C, the retail brand. The vision was to optimize the learning experience by curating and assembling the content available on internet at one place in a very organized manner.

There are four comprehensive sections which makes Flexiguru a complete package, Ask a question and get it answered, Self-Study learning content, practice assessments and live tutoring services.

“The journey has been so incredible with lots of challenges and difficulties but the zeal of making Flexiguru a worldwide buzz kept us accelerating towards the goal” adds Ankur. The company stands tall with more than 25,000 paid users across the globe. The company has already got seed funding and has a couple of US Angel investors on board which is pretty much decent for any startup in this phase.

Flexiguru has gathered not spent even a single penny on its advertisement rather it has used free social media platforms to promote themselves. In a short span of time, they became able to gather over 9K fans over Facebook but they used Twitter more effectively and the count of followers is more than 6K which is still increasing. The web portal is doing a great job for the aspiring students and uniting the content with video tutorials making it their USP.

Talking about the future endeavors of Flexiguru, Ankur says “There are many e-commerce portals in the world but proper execution of accurate strategies makes Amazon a gem in the crowd, we at Flexiguru are implementing the accurate strategies targeting at evolving market to be the Amazon of education industry”.
Flexiguru is competing against Udemy, Tutorvista and WizIQ in the $52 billion e-learning industry that is said to be expanding 20% per year.

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