You need not an explanation on how online advertising helps your business reap better ROI as things are as apparent as they could be. Anyway, the main idea behind the discussion we are going to initiate in this article is to talk about how Facebook can help your business do better and grow faster.

Facebook has become the biggest social networking site on the Internet today opening doors for advertisers looking to explore a platform that’s meant to have a better connectivity with the audiences. Indubitably, thousands of businesses at present are generating good revenue by maximizing the power of Facebook Advertising, there is still a section of the market that either are not aware or are not confident about leveraging Facebook for advertising and so are not. So, for all those who are still unable to realize the potential of Facebook as to how it helps you generate revenue for minimal or no charges and that you just need to devote time and remain consistent at it, here are a few facts about Facebook.

Facebook is the most celebrated social media outlet

How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 1 Forget about the social networking sites, Facebook is the second most popular website in the world next to Google. You understand what does that mean? Of course that number of people flocking Facebook is next to Google, which is anyway a search engine, a platform meant to provide you with any type of information you are looking for. Isn’t that an incredible fact about this social networking giant?I mean let’s talk numbers! Currently, Facebook has around 1.15 billion users. So, you can imagine the potential Facebook has when it comes to having a wide reach.

Facebook offers targeted advertising

How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 2 Time is money! We know it but it’s becoming more than money in this digital era and people don’t have time to entertain your interruptive messages if it’s not giving any value to them. But then how your messages would give value to each distinguished consumer. Obviously if it’s meant to address the concern or the requirement they have. That’s what Facebook helps you with. Offering a product or a service according to a specific age group, gender, work, education, interests and more will certainly be more relevant and result oriented as the need is most likely to be there all you need is to make generate awareness about your brand. With Facebook , you can not only target your audiences based on these factors but can also target those who have shown interest in what you have to offer, and other such factors.

Facebook allows you to target local and Foreign Prospects specifically


How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 3 One most important fact about Facebook is that it allows you to target local and foreign prospects specifically and that you need not worry with Facebook whether your business serves worldwide or local market. You can easily select your desired country or countries you want to target while creating a new ad campaign in Facebook. In fact, if that a city or a state, you can target them as well. This is how Facebook helps your business get more exposure and that too specifically for your targeted audience.

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Facebook increases brand loyalty


How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 4 You reach millions of customers through Facebook, on top of which a lot of them are most likely to become your customers and on top of that they tend to avail your service over and over again. In a way, Facebook allows you to have an ever increasing loyal customer base. But how does that happen? You know that with Facebook you can communicate and interact with your customers directly and can form a bond with them developing a mutual trust, and that’s the key. Many studies in past have proved that people are most likely to promote a business they trust and building trust is something that you can easily achieve through Facebook.

Facebook is of course a cost-effective platform for marketing

How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 5 We don’t have to pay for keeping a Facebook account! Isn’t that? So, it means you can connect with millions and promote your business on this outlet without spending a single penny if you do it all yourself. There isn’t a charge for creating a fan page for your business on Facebook and that you can start attracting fans or followers for free. The platform also allows you to collaborate with other pages that have the same market you are targeting. However, you can always try paid advertising if you want to take your Facebook marketing to the higher level and reap maximum ROI. Even doing that would not cost you much as Facebook you can set your own advertising budget as well as an advertising scheme that you think would go well with your business making things more affordable and cost-effective for you.

Facebook allows multi-purpose promotions

How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 7 It is not hidden as to how Facebook makes it easy to connect and easily interact with your fans if the most affordable way but did you know with Facebook you could also run special promotions that can get you more leads for your business by• Making simple announcement on your Facebook Fan page
• Creating anticipation and excitement by providing teasers on your Facebook status messages about a new product or service you are launching
• Posting post photos and even videos about your product or service and not just simple text messages
• Posting links to the official website of your business.

Facebook presents multi-purpose apps for your page


How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 6 Facebook not only allows you to create a fan page for your business but that you can also spice you Facebook Fan page up by installing useful apps depending on your needs. For instance, if you need custom html tabs, you can install Static html app and if you want to show or create your full website inside your Facebook page, can install Full website app. You can install Youtube app for streaming of your videos directly in your Facebook page especially if you are an artist or a singer. Then there is this E-commerce app that helps you show all the products in your site and import them directly at your Facebook page making your fans to shop directly at your page. And, I think the Coupons app that’s meant to show exclusive coupons to your fans, can be really good for e-commerce or service-based business.

Facebook offers a level playing field

How Facebook Advertising Can help Your Business Generate Revenue at a Lower Cost 8 With Facebook, you need not be well-established company to reach millions of people worldwide as you get the same opportunity and need to comply with a single set of rules. So, irrespective of whether you are a start-up or one of the richest companies listed in Forbes, you can compete with any business and every business. But yes, there will still be a constraint of budget that you are willing to spend on advertising when it comes to visibility.


Being a marketer you will of course want to reach the most targeted prospects and convert them into high-paying customers or clients but the idea is how to go about it effectively and without wasting much capital. You need to discover that ultimate platform that would allow you do both. Facebook marketing is certainly one of the most effective parts of online marketing that helps you add zing to your campaign and reap some wonderful returns. Your audiences are already there waiting for you, go ahead and Go Facebook!

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