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Things would of course change with the time, updates would come and go but e-mail marketing would remain one of the most valuable conduits for digital marketing. Not just because it is cheap, reliable, privacy-oriented or has some wonderful features, there are a number of other reasons that makes it an archetypal medium for communication.

Talking about e-mail marketing, its role has changed a lot from what it used to be earlier, with the internet becoming more and more complex. Now, you can’t simply abuse it by sending spam emails to the inboxes of people like many of you used to do it earlier. The process of email marketing at present has become much more subtle.

Quality and value have become as important as the number of people you send emails to happen to be. You can’t simply send emails to those who have not subscribed for it and this is mainly done to check spamming. The focus now is on relationship nurturing between you and your customers. So, in a way the size of your email list depends upon how satisfied your customers are.

However, there are a few challenges associated with e-mail marketing as well such as people’s unwillingness to get too many emails or email deletion by them if it has been sent from an unknown source and so on.

2110 Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and the reason being it is still here despite all the new developments in digital marketing is that it plays a very unique role in it. Let’s see how


Not everybody who visits your website has a buying intention and wants to make a purchase no matter how helpful and glossy your website is. However, with the help of email marketing you can keep in touch with them nurturing your relationship with them by sending them additional information related to their interest that they shown on your website or their query. This is how email marketing helps you generate the need for your product in customers’ mind and helps you make more conversions.

Cross Selling

Email marketing not just helps you increase conversion rates but also helps you sell your other products to old and existing customers. May be they won’t buy the product every time but this is how you can keep in touch with them in order to retain them by maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Besides, on a regular interval you can let your customers know that you have more things of value to offer.

Customer’s Feedback

Since, the most appealing fact about email marketing is that allows you to interact with your customer on a more personal level. If you are carrying it out the right way, customers would certainly like your emails and they might respond to it as well. So, you can use their views to improve your business and services.

The working of Email Marketing

227 Through your website, you provide such information or offers that will compel the visitors to sign up for your mailing list. For example, the visitors fill in your lead capture form on the landing page to redeem the offer that you’re providing in exchange for their information.

Once your email list has adequate amount of email recipients who have signed up to receive your emails, you can start sending out newsletters and emails to them. The best thing is that there are a lot of wonderful tools through which you can accomplish this task and you need not do it manually. Not just that, there are various other email softwares that even help you write your emails and newsletters.

At DSIM, the industry experts are in sync with the latest industrial trends and so to cater to the needs of trainees they provide a wide variety of tools to choose from which makes email marketing a piece of cake for the them.

Dos of email marketing

233 The frequency of your emails should be consistent. Neither you should send emails too often nor there should be a long gap. You can of course send your emails a little more often if they are popular however if they are topical, try sending them less frequently. Although, finding a perfect schedule for sending emails is really not easy, sending emails once a week or twice a month can work for many people. See which pattern of email interval works for you and then try sticking to it.

Don’ts of email marketing

241 It’s true that by subscribing for your emails customers have given you the consent to send them emails but remember they have done so because they assume that they are going to get some interesting and valuable information from you. So, you should never take it for granted.


251 Marketers need to have the unique qualities in their emails for clients to get plead with and become interested in their emails. Like in any other form of marketing, a good and valuable content plays important role in email marketing as well.

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