Why do we need to know as to how Indians spend time on the internet? How does that matter?

We all know how internet marketing is gaining grounds and has become a crucial strategy for businesses. But to optimize various marketing channels you first need to know how people are using internet rather those channels or platforms, where are they spending most of their time.

You may be working on your website optimization for desktops while your consumers are on mobile web. Of course if they say internet marketing rather digital marketing gives you the best ROI, its true but then only if you conduct things prudently. The first that you require is your customers’ information as to how they behave on web, where they spend most of their time and so on.

Let’s have a look to a few stats related with online behavior of Indian consumers

• Indian Internet population with 205 million users is the third largest internet population after china and united states , as of 2013 and is projected to be the second largest by 2015, with 330-370 million users
• 137 million internet users in India are from the urban area while 68 million is from rural areas
• 73.9 million Indians surf the web via a home or work computer
• 75% of India’s online population is under the age of 35 years
• 86% Indian web users visit a social networking site of which 33 million are twitter users, 90 million are Facebook users and 18 million are LinkedIn Users
• There is 27 % increase in the Indian online video audience over a year
• 31.5 million users watched videos on Google sites(YouTube)
• 217 minutes are spent on Facebook by an average user
• There is 28% increase in Facebook visitors in last 12 months
• 81 % of India’s population uses mobile phone of which 10 % use Smartphone, 9% use multimedia phone and 3% use tablets
• There are total 110 million mobile internet users in India of which 85 million belongs to the urban areas while 25 million belongs to the rural areas.
• Of 25 million mobile internet users in India 40% access via community service centers and cyber cafes mobile while 32%access internet only via mobile
• On mobile, 45% are do text messaging, 26 % social networking, 15% web browsing and 13% application
• There is 427% increase in tablet sales in India with 51% users spending more than 2 hours a day on tablet

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Let’s take one of the stats for instance, i.e. 86% Indian web users visit a social networking site of which 33 million are twitter users, 90 million are Facebook users and 18 million are LinkedIn Users. The stats give a clear message to the marketers that a large part of consumers are on Facebook and that they need to leverage Facebook more than other channels to get more business. This was just one case , let’s take another stat for instance here i.e. of 205 million internet users 110 million browse internet on mobile making it clear for marketers that how crucial a mobile web marketing strategy has become for their business. In the same way, all other statistics have a message that marketers need to understand and take actions accordingly.


A digital sneak peek of the year 2013 in India

• Indian digital sector is on rise with 31% CAGR growth as opposed to other media
• Indian online advertising market is projected to reach INR 2, 938 Cr by March 2014
• India is the fourth largest audience of searchers in the world as unique searchers grew by 28%
• At 200+ million internet users, India’s rural Internet users shows 58% Y-O-Y growth

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