A recent report that surveyed nearly 1,500 experts envisages that the Internet will become more like electricity in next 10 years i.e. although less visible but deeply embedded in people’s lives for various reasons, good bad both.

The Internet’s Journey

Year 1989:- Birth of an idea

It was on the 12th of March, 1989, when the British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted a paper while working at Cern, Swiss physics laboratory and the World Wide Web was created. The idea derived from his earlier programme for storing information called Enquire, was designed in a way so that people could work together by combining their knowledge in a web of hypertext documents. The response that he got from his boss was the brief: “Vague, but exciting.”

Sir Tim went on to develop the first world-wide web server, “httpd”, and the first client “WorldWideWeb”, a hypertext browser/editor that was launched publicly on August 6, 1991.


Year 2025: Although less visible but ubiquitous Internet

During the survey, when it was asked to the experts whether they find internet as a technology that is more important than TV or mobile phones, there were varied response. The graph given below summarizes their response on it.


There were lot of things these experts pointed out various pros and cons of internet. While they think it proffers several promising drifts that would make information and entertainment much more widely available, they also picked up growing concern of the Internet’s potential for encouraging crime and the possible loss of privacy.

However, majority of experts believed that the internet is for sure going to bring a big tech change that would create a global, enticing, imperceptible, networked computing environment by 2025. Although, there were a few experts who were concerned about the negative impacts internet may have while rest believed that results of extreme connectivity will be mainly positive.

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The most common hopeful and positive 2025 prospective pictures developed by the experts

• Information sharing over the Internet will be so smoothly intertwined into daily life that it will become imperceptible, just like the electricity.
• Global connectivity will get greatly enhanced by the spread of the Internet as it will foster more upbeat relationships among societies.
• People will become more aware of the world and even their own behavior due to the big data, the internet of things and artificial intelligence.
• In order to examine and give immediate feedback on daily life, improved reality and wearable devices will be put into practice, especially when it comes to personal health.
• Internet will facilitate a great political awareness and action helping more peaceful changes and more public uprisings to emerge.
• The meaning of border will get diminished leading to the emergence of new nations online formed by those who share same interests defying all impediments created by current nation-states control.


While the majority of experts believed internet to be a foundation of a great positive tech change they also believe that this however will only be possible if people make good choices today. According to them inventing the future is the best way to predict it as it is you who can make a difference with the help of the correct foresight and the right actions.

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