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Since September 4, 1998, the date when Google was founded, it has been constantly improving itself to provide us with the best possible answers for ours questions. And as per the latest update you can get your questions answered by humans if you want.


Google announced its first Live Video Tutorial Service called ‘Helpouts’ this week on the 5th of November ‘2013. This new tool will connect users via live video chat and there will be experts who will help them with questions on various subjects such as cooking, home improvement or even medical advice. Helpouts acts as a Google-vetted marketplace where companies which are approved by Google can offer their services, to those who are interested, in real-time over live video. Some of these approved companies are One Medical, Sephora, and Rosetta stone. As of now there are nearly 1000 companies invited by Google to participate in Helpouts.

Although, Google anticipates that there will be a number of services offered for free, but normally users will have to pay to avail the service either by minute or by the session. Vendors can set their own prices and whatever would that be Google will take 20% of each transaction. Usually, users will need to set up an appointment with the company they need assistance from however they can talk to them instantly via video if they are available.

“With Google Helpouts, we can open the whole world to everybody,” said Udi Manber, Google’s vice-president of engineering. “Most of the world’s most useful information still resides in people’s heads.”

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Talking about the working of this new service, the actual video conferencing is done with the help of Google hangouts, users find vendors and experts through Google search, payments are accepted only through Google Wallet and as far as joining a Helpout is concerned users will need to have a Google+ profile for doing so. There would also be a feedback system according to which users can leave feedback after the connection ends. Besides, as per Google, Helpouts is HIPAA certified and so all the necessary safeguards will be there to ensure the online privacy of users and that users can interact without hiding their real identities.

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