Knowing your competition is critical to excelling in any field and the same goes for any online venture that you choose. When we talk numbers, one can even argue that online competition is much fierce because of the sheer number of websites that go live every single day spread across different fields.

So, when we talk about online competition research, you can go at it many ways. And many choose the manual method where you go and research the competition based on SERP ranking. But this method doesn’t even give you a glimpse into your competitors. To understand the game, you need something more powerful.

SE Ranking – The all in one tool for SEO Success

When we ask SEO professionals about the SEO tools that they use to gain a competitive edge, one name keeps popping up – SE Ranking.

SE Ranking is cloud-based SEO tool that helps marketers and business owners to step up their game when it comes to SEO and online visibility. SE Ranking works by using powerful bots and algorithms to get you the information you want without all the manual work.

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But what makes them different is that they have laid out the tools in such a way that it is very easy to use, even for a non-technical person. Many business owners do not delve into SEO fearing its complexity.

SE Ranking has developed an interface that holds powerful SEO tools, but they are not intimidating to use. So even when if you are not well versed in SEO terminologies or the tools themselves, SE Ranking walks you through them and does not just leave you with them. It is simple and hence, super effective. Let us review SE Ranking to see how it helps you win the SERPs.

See the links in your system

SE Ranking provides you with impressive tools that will help you with analyzing your own website. This includes helping you see the keywords that your web pages are targeting, traffic metrics and the overall rank of the website in the SERP.

Log in to your SE Ranking dashboard, and enter your website domain name. The software will now do research on the website and fetch all the relevant information about that website.

Traffic overview of your website

This image given below shows the traffic that is being generated on a domain name that we have entered. You can see how SE Ranking SEO/PPC research tool clearly differentiates between the organic traffic and the paid traffic.


Using this information, you can see the difference between the paid traffic and the organic traffic generated by your website. If the difference between them is too large, then it is time to increase the SEO readability of the site to help it start generating traffic that is more organic.

Keywords play a very important role in SEO and SE Ranking helps you identify the list of keywords on which your site ranks the most. Now all you have to do is include more keywords into the content, which you haven’t already added to increase the overall relevancy of the website.

The following image shows the next level in competitor research, where you can see the rank of your competitors’ sites based on their semantic relevance. You can see their SERP ranks as well as the keywords that they target.


This is very powerful info as you can essentially see how your competitor is structuring their website. The window shows:

Organic Competitors:

SE Ranking scans the websites that use the similar or same keyword as your website and show you the divide between their websites and yours.

Semantics Comparison:

Find out the keywords that you are missing out on by learning the keyword preferences of your competitors.

Organic Traffic vs Keywords:

The amount of traffic that each keyword gets a website.

Knowing the keywords targeted by your competitor is like having a window into their content plan. You can then see how your content stacks up against theirs and what changes are required from your part to improve the effectiveness of your own content.

In the next window, you can see the unique keywords targeted by the websites. Unique keywords that get a respectable amount of traffic is a boon to anyone hoping to improve the content on their websites.


It all goes to show how meticulous SE Ranking can be when it comes to keyword research. Think of how many hours you will need to put in to get the same results that SE Ranking got you in mere minutes.

Traffic Research

Even if your website is based in a country or a city, the traffic that it gets can be a mix of a domestic and international audience.

A great website always caters to its audience. So it is important to identify your target audience, and SE Ranking has got you covered! The dashboard shows the traffic to your website from both organic and paid sources.

Why do you need to know these two metrics? Traffic from paid sources is not completely sustainable. As soon as you stop paying for the ads, the traffic will suffer a great deal. However, this is not a worry if you have traffic generated through organic means like the first-page rank.

Along with the traffic report, SE Ranking shows you the keywords that bring organic traffic to your website. Now you can concentrate more on keywords that do rank instead of keywords that don’t do much in terms of ranking.

Keywords Research is done right!

Keyword research eats up time like nothing else. Just going with the most popular keyword isn’t enough because then you are adding your website to the pile of generic websites on the internet.

The smart option is to choose keywords they do not have much competition but get you more traffic. Without a tool like SE Ranking that shows you the proper metrics, you are just shooting in the dark with guesswork.

It is not about how much hours you put in, it’s about what is being done in those hours.


With SE Ranking, information is instant. When you enter a keyword into the search console, SE Ranking gives you the following info.

Websites in SERPS:

You can see the list of other websites that rank on the same keyword.

Similar Keywords:

Keywords that are closely related to the keyword that you entered. You can use similar keywords as auxiliary keywords to make your content more robust.

Other metrics include Search volume, Click-cost assessment, Traffic cost assessment, Google Ads competition, Keywords KEI.

Keywords also play an important role in getting ads to the right people. When you are using paid traffic sources, you need to understand the keywords to target in order to get the best results for the money spent. The following window show SE Ranking’s ability to source information from ads.


Do not just depend on a few keywords to rank your website. It rarely works! What you need in 2019 is a broader approach to SEO where every tiny optimization should be taken with seriousness.

Let SE Ranking do all the research, and you can allocate the saved time to the other areas of your business.

How can your website benefit from SE Ranking

We talked about the different competitor research tools that SE Ranking boasts, but how do they actually impact your business on a day to day basis? Let’s find out!

Massive Timesaving

If you have done serious keyword research, you know what we are talking about! Keyword researches require both time and patience. And there is no guarantee that you will end up with keywords that have very low competition with very high traffic. With SE Ranking, a single click gets you all relevant info in under a minute. Now that’s speed!

Detailed PPC Analysis

Understanding how your structures their ads helps you to make better ones. SE Ranking gets you detailed PPC analysis on your competitors in a single window.

Easy to Use

One of the main features of SE Ranking that the company actively promotes is how easy it is to use. When you look at the website layout and the user dashboard, it is clear they have done a pretty good job. Even a person without much technical knowledge can navigate their way through SE Ranking and make use of the tools that it sports.

Cost Assessment

With the data the SE Ranking sources from ads, it gives you a near-perfect estimate on how much each keyword is going to cost you in PPC. It helps you a great deal to organize your budget across high performing keyword with low PPC.


Any field of work requires proper tools. And SEO is no different! With SE Ranking, you are getting an all in one SEO tool for your online marketing requirements. Check out SE Ranking for yourself, and you will soon realize what you have been missing out. Choose SE Ranking today, and bring ease to your work life!

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