Guest blogging is a common and effective content marketing practice that has built its own space in the industry.

It is a process of publishing your content on the website of other companies, preferably associated with your niche.

As per rules of Guest Blogging, bloggers add links to their site into their posts, to drive traffic to their websites.

Although, this is becoming trickier because several websites add no-follow or even strip out links completely.

Guest blogging is efficaciously being used in the SEO industry for years now and is not going to fade any soon. Collaborating in the niche is useful for both the host site and the guest blogger.

Here is a six-step strategy for employing guest blogging as a link building tool.

1) Search for Guest Blogging-friendly Websites

Find relevant guest blogging sites using Google search. Use the keywords used in your niche like digital marketing. Moz, Social Media Examiner, Jeff Bullas, Search Engine Journal and others are some of the top blogging sites.


Analyze Competitors’ Links

Now, explore which guest bloggers or contributors are posting links on your choose websites.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those bloggers.

This is easily achieved with small and medium-sized platforms. For bigger platforms, you can use tools like Netpeak Spider and Moz Link Explorer.

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2) Refine Your Websites List

Go for donor analysis which is the study of a website’s traffic and the keyword that produce it.

Using this data, the cost of placement can be compared with the donor’s value.

Check the following criteria before contacting blog owners:
  • The domain authority of 50 and above.
  • Quality of content.
  • Organic traffic.
  • Author Bio.

3) Come up with Content Ideas

Now you have come to know where to post your content, the next part is what to post.

Your content should have prepared on the guidelines of the host blog as well as it should be useful to readers.

Prepare your content after analyzing current trends, controversies and the hottest update in the target industry to get inspired and find an idea of popular topics.

There are many blogs from where you can get an idea and thus write content targeting beginner and pros, both.

4) Start Outreaching

Start outreaching by interacting administrators of the selected blogs.

Follow the following rules while sending an email to administrators-
  • As you will be sending a cold email, employ a neutral address to evade spam filters.
  • Write the novel text.
  • Greet the email recipient warmly and then introduce yourself.

5) Curate Your Posts

Once the blog owner has approved your request of guest blogging, start writing blogs for their platform. Here are some points to keep in mind-

  • Become familiar with the guidelines of the host-guest blog and keep in mind while writing your posts, so that you can avoid conflicts with administrators and delete your content. If there are no such specific guidelines, communicate to the administrators for the details, if any.
  • Consider SEO points while writing your content.
  • Provide a link to your website or other relevant resources, but make sure it fits organically into your text. Blatant promotion of your platform will do more harm than good.
  • Add a link to your website or other relevant resources, but ensure it fits organically into your text. It would be a good idea to avoid blatant promotion in your content.

6) Track & Measure

You should keep calm while expecting results as it takes time to become a perfect guest blogger.

If you want to know how your posts are doing, there would be a need for a well-organized tracking system.

This can be achieved using a spreadsheet with data on views and referring traffic. You can also take benefit of Google Analytics to track the impact of guest blogging on your SEO metrics.

Pro Rank Tracker is a tool that can help you know changes in your search ranking position over time.

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Looking forward to do guest blogging?

Well, you can have multiple websites, but before becoming a guest blogger, it is necessary to understand a few things.

This article enlists the 6-step strategy to become a good guest blogger.

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