Social media is a great place for marketing since people around the world gather here to recreate and entertain themselves. This makes it the right platform for marketers to extend their offer while entertaining the audiences as marketing or say shopping happens to be a part entertainment for people. However, making money with social media is a little bit tricky and there are certain things that you must keep in mind while running a social media campaign.

Here are 9 tips for making money with social media.


Be authentic

smt 1 Try developing a voice in social media as if you are a real person managing things on social media so that people can relate to you easily. Share everything whether these are your mistakes, foibles, sense of humor or simply anything that would make your audience feel that you are not fake.

Never interrupt

smt 2 If people are already in to some kind of discussion and are enjoying it, try being a part of it instead of interrupting them and talking about you. Sometimes it good to have fun with them as it helps you develop a healthier relation in between.

Give them reasons to talk, and engage them


smt 3 Try sharing something interesting and helpful, and let your audiences to talk about it. It could be done in many ways. You can ask for their opinions on the content you have compiled in an eBook or can ask for their feedback on it. You can end your blog post by asking for feedback or can ask open ended questions.

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Go after your target market


smt 4 May be the traffic coming to your site is from twitter and you are concentrating more on Facebook. It is obvious that results are not going to be as expected. So boost your presence more where your target market is.

Keep the promises

smt 5 Usually marketers are notorious for making innumerable promises and not keeping them, which thwarts trust building with the customers. So, you better not make promises that are hard to keep or if have made one keep it and try building trust in between.

Respond to their questions or concerns on time

smt 6 There is a big difference between pretending to care about your visitors and actually caring about them. So, never forget to acknowledge your customers distinguished actions whether it is a comment that they have left to your post, question that they have asked, some problem they are going through or anything as such. It will help you build your community.

Give value


smt 7 Think about the ongoing industry issues or the issues that your audiences are going through and try discussing about them in your content that you publish, with a resolution to the issues. Try being helpful and give a lot of useful information or say give a lot of value through your content.

Plan meticulously

smt 8 Planning plays a very important role in any kind of marketing and same goes with social media as well. Planning doesn’t only mean to make the plan once; you constantly need to update your plan as things change. You never know with social media, what might happen when. You might get off putting comments as well and you have to be prepared to deal with it prudently. So plan everything.

These were a few tips to make money with social media. So you can keep these tips in mind the next time you go ahead with your social media marketing campaign and make more money. Besides, let us know if you know some more tips like these.



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