Even Google is annoyed by “Install Our App Ads”pop-up coming while mobile search results and will penalize the sites for doing that. There’s nothing wrong with app install ads, but too often now, you click on a mobile search result, and when the site loads, a giant app install interstitial pops up that prompts you to install that site’s app. Those ads usually block all the content on the site until you look for that little small ‘x’ to click away the ad.Luckily, Google on Tuesday announced that it will soon start down-ranking sites that do this.

Starting from November 1, sites that show app install ads that hide “a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page” will be penalized by losing their “mobile-friendly” status. This means they will likely rank lower on Google’s mobile search results pages.


Safari and Chrome each have their own special version of app install banner ads, but Google says webmasters can use a different version if they’d prefer. Now, if it could push this new Mobile Friendly test to encompass all pop-up ads in mobile sites, not just ads for apps, mobile internet would be a happier place.
Google suggests that site owners can use these big full-screen interstitials later on in the browsing experience and they won’t be punished – just not directly after the search result. The company also says smaller app install banners “provide a consistent user interface for promoting an app and provide the user with the ability to control their browsing experience.”

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