Google is rolling out its call-only ads where advertisers can add two headlines and more text in the description.

The soon to be rolled out update will have two 30-character headlines.

The limit of Description lines has been increased from 80 characters to 90 characters.

“People often prefer to talk to business before buying a product or service. Call-only ads allow people to call you from mobile search results to quickly get the answers they need…

To make sure your customers are fully aware of who they’re calling, take advantage of these added lines of ad text to describe your business in more detail.”

The business name will appear at the starting of the ad description as Google wants to make it easier for them to fit both business name a CTA in the ad.

The reason for the activity is that advertisers will be able to add more text in the headline area for a CTA, shown in the below example-


Google reminds marketers to present their businesses in a clear and transparent way to the audience and this is the key principle of call-only advertising policies of Google.

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