Internet Piracy has been something nobody has remained untouched from doing, intentionally or unintentionally. A number of you at some point in your lives must have used Google to search for movies, songs, books and other resources in order to download them and sorry to say illegally.

However, if you might have observed, recently, Google flagged a few websites as piracy websites while removed so many others due to takedown requests. This was something that was instigated by Google back in 2012 to deal with the piracy issues and now to make thing better the search giant is planning to take the initiative one step further by announcing that they will be making some changes.

On their Public Policy Blog Google said, “We’ve now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites. This update will roll out globally starting next week.”

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Moreover, as per Google the company will be removing more terms from autocomplete based on DMCA removal notices.

They state, “We’ve begun demoting autocomplete predictions that return results with many DMCA demoted sites.”

Google is doing all this to combat piracy in a more efficient manner. The company claimed to have received 224 million takedown requests last year with each request apparently taking around six hours to handle. After this new algorithm update, users will find it quite difficult to search for pirated content. So, in a way it will make Google more efficient naturally.

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