Making it easier to discover, research, and compare products, Google Shopping ads have been updated with a suite of new features.

Take a look at the features introduced to Google Shopping ads:


Tapping on the “Quick View” button at the bottom of product cards in the Shopping carousel will display information such as

  • A bigger image
  • Product description
  • Reviews
  • Seller rating
  • Whether or not the item is on sale

Looking down past the “Quick View” information will enable viewers to find visually similar and/or related products.


There is an upgrade into the Knowledge Panel and it will display product photos, videos, reviews, descriptions, and further information when a specific product is being searched for.

When looking for a broad category, rather than a specific product, Google will highlight buying guides to help limit your purchase.


Google says seasonal searches containing “best” have dramatically increased in the course of recent years. You can leave it to reviewers to determine the “best” product, or you can figure out which is the best for your needs is and budget is by comparing products.

Product prices, specs, and reviews can now be compared side-by-side in Google search. In addition, Google will alert you that a newer model is available if you’re searching for last year’s product.

These new Google Shopping features are presently live, yet appear to just be accessible in US search results.

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