Google Search Console updated its feature AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) report and, users will now be able to differentiate between the errors, that whether these are critical or non-critical.

Earlier, the report was only listing all the AMP errors; it didn’t use to indicate its criticality.


It used to be difficult for the site owners to differentiate which AMP errors to tackle down first, so it was not an ideal solution for them. A ‘critical error’ is the one which needs to be tackled down on prior, as it was supposed to prevent an AMP from getting ranked in the search results at all.

On the other hand, the ‘non-critical’ errors do not prevent the content from getting indexed but these do prevent the content from getting enhanced in the search results.

The new addition to the AMP error report will be a good starting point for the webmasters. As, it will be helpful in ranking the site better especially when it comes to AMP related content.

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