Google Search Console to receive a list of new features, confirming to code found in the interface.

JR Oakes found some impromptu features while digging through the JavaScript code of Google Search Console.

He posted the content what he discovered in the code on Twitter.

On the basis of his findings, you may see the following reports added to Search Console.

Page Speed Report

The Page Speed report says that it would be soon joining the Search Console.


Undoubtedly, Google provides other tools for measuring page speed, but that includes testing individual URLs one-by-one.

Maybe this could be a report that comprises all of a site’s URLs and their subsequent speed?

It would take time to see the report goes live.

Oakes also found this information, which could be linked to metrics included in the forthcoming page speed report.


AMP Articles

This report looks self-explanatory which is dedicated to showing the performance of AMP articles.


Google Discover Performance

Site owners soon can now analyze the performance of pages in Google Discover.

It’s the section that emerges beneath the search box on the home page of Google on mobile devices.

JR Oakes says the report is already live but doesn’t comprise any data yet.


Child-Direct Content Report

Search Console now includes a report for pages that are dedicated to children.

According to Oakes, the report is already live.


Expanded Support for Structured Data/Rich Cards

Oakes’ findings state you may see Search Console soon reporting on following sorts of structured data-


Opt-Out of Google Search Sections

Site owners with the help of Search Console or using it can remove their page from Flights, Hotels, Shopping, and Local.


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