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Google has officially removed the Content keywords feature from the search console.

Google was hinting this since May that it is looking forward to drop down this feature. One of the earliest features of Google Search Console was Content Keywords report.

The main reason behind this removal is the user confusion. Back in its days, the content keyword was the only way to see what the Googlebot found when it crawled a website. The more efficient technologies and features have been introduced now for this purpose.

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Google said, “Users were often confused about the keywords listed in content keywords.” For all these reasons it decided to drop down its first report present in search console since the time it was built.

Seeing how Google crawl your site is easier now with Fetch and Search Analytics. The site owners are suggested to use Fetch as Googlebot for verifying keywords on the page and Search Analytics to check the keywords which can bring searchers onto their site.

Another feature of Sitelinks demotion has also been recently dropped down from the Google search console.

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