Google has multiple products to offer to its millions of users.

But what important here is to note that it keeps evaluating all of them effectively and simultaneously.

One of those products is Google My Business listing. This time Google came with the news for people using GMB for their targeted goals. The news is going to affect scammers and robocalls making SEO professionals while managing GMB.

Google will soon be launching a whitelisted third-party directory which manages Google My Business listings and also makes complaint form.

Google Trusted Partners Directory

The directory will be part of Google My Business Partners program, a new program of Google.

The announcement included that Google is going to promote the new directory to the business listed in GMB program.

Those third parties that remain non-approved will also be capable of managing their GMB listings, but they won’t appear on the list of approved parties.

How to Get Listed in Google’s Directory?

The announcement doesn’t include any method or procedure for joining approved GMB whitelist.

However, another article Making Google My Business Work for Agency and Platform Partners published on May 1, 2018, includes important information about GMB program at the bottom.

Google My Business Complaint Form

To avoid the scams, Google has come up with a new complaint form where GMB participants can report violations.

Here is what the complaint form tool will give you:

“After reporting the details of violation, Google will look into the matter and will address the areas of improvement with the third-party directly”.

Violations That Can Be Reported to Google Are-

The complaint form of Google can take reports of eight kinds of violations as well as there is “other” category for another sort of violations.

Here are the eight categories:
  1. Third party repetitively calling or making robocalls
  2. Third party claimed your GMB listing without your permission or by wringing consent from you
  3. Third party is misrepresenting its relationship with Google
  4. Third party guaranteeing top position in Google Search or Maps
  5. Third party demanding money for getting your business listed or will make stay listed on Google
  6. Third Party engaged in unethical marketing and sales practices
  7. Third party shows transparency to clients
  8. Third party representing your business’s information in an inappropriate way on Google Maps

Can Google’s Complaint Tool be challenged?

Google wants that business owners should identify themselves by their name, address, contact number and email id and a link to their business on Google Map. This will make difficulties for an insane competitor to claim business listings which he or she doesn’t own and also make a change in the official business contact number or create websites for businesses to file false complaints.

There is very less chance of challenges to tool.


Google’s GMB Partner Policies

Google has come up with Google My Business 3rd Party Policies. The inclusions are transparency for management fees, the easy ending of GMB management service and other disclosures.

Google Cleans Up the GMB Directory

Cleaning of GMB ecosystem brings good news for SEO industry as scammers will not be able to hack GMB listing. As a third party, if you are managing GMB listings for customers, your eyes will always look for updates on Google’s new directory.

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