Google -rolls-out-a-streamlined-version-of-its-Search-results-page-in-India-for-Slower-Mobile-Connections

As announced by the search giant Google last week, the company is rolling out a streamlined version of its Search results page in India in order to make things easier for mobile device users on slow wireless connections.

In a post titled ‘Announcing fast access for mobile users’ on its official India blog, Google said that they have taken this initiative to promote the ideal that everyone should have equal access to the information on the Internet to enrich their lives, regardless of “who they are or where they live.”

As declared by the Google, Friday onwards, the search engine will automatically check if the user has a slow wireless connection, and will deliver a faster loading compressed version of the Search with elements such as images and maps excluded from the results unless considered an essential part of them.

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Google has certainly been taking care of India with special importance in the recent past, launching its Android One initiative in the country first, and declaring it was originally conceived with India in mind.

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