The team of Google grant made some changes in the program for nonprofits in the month of December 2017.

These changes are vital for the advertisers.

What modifications were done in Google Grants?

  • Advertisers have to maintain a 5% CTR and if they failed for two consecutive months, their account will be suspended.
  • The earlier $2 highest bid limitation will be relinquished in any campaigns by employing the methods of maximize conversions setting.
  • Advertisers must set-up their accounts with geo-targeting implementation related to the organization.
  • Accounts should have two active ad groups in every campaign, each having a set of corresponding keywords and two active text adverts.
  • Accounts of the advertisers must contain two sitelink ad extensions
  • Organizations must complete the annual Ad Grants program survey; failure to do so will cancel the account until the survey is completed
  • Account holders whether individual or organizations must accomplish the yearly Ad Grants program survey. If anyone fails in doing so, the account will be canceled till you don’t complete the survey.

Google Ad Grants

The following types of keywords and queries are not allowed:
  • Branded words like “YouTube,” or “Google”, or “Facebook” that you don’t own
  • Single-word keywords apart from your own personalized words and some exception keywords
  • Overly generic keywords like “free videos” or “today’s news,” names of places, names of historical events/people
  • Highly generic keywords
  • Keywords that have Quality Score of 2 or less

If you are looking forward to see your account going, follow all these above-mentioned guidelines.

Why Google updated its Ad Grants system?

The first and basic reason behind this step is that “users seeing the Google ads are relevant”.

This step might exclude nonprofits, especially non-paid search accounts.

The drawback of this update could be that what rectifications to errors Google is trying to do now was created by it previously and it could really be irritating for the users.

Google has really caused troubles for nonprofits to which they have allowed to spend $10,000 with maximum $2 CPC bid limit. So, the advertisers were thinking to plan to plan out the full budget that comprises-

  1. Increasing location targeting, even it is completely not related to nonprofits
  2. Bidding on common keywords

Application of these strategies to spend more money led to several performance limitations, they got from the bids created on January 1, 2018, including low CTR and low QS (Quality Score).

The most vital information that Google grants ad advertisers pay attention is that coming on March 1, 2018.

“The account will be suspended if your account CTR is below 5%”.


Advertisers should also note that their account will be audited starting March 1st, and your improvement will be seen for keeping or suspending your account”.

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