Google is bringing three new features for its responsive display ads.

These features will improve functionality and reporting system.

1) Video Assets

Videos assets can now be included in responsive display ads.

This improved functionality also a resource for expanded reach to new inventory.

Google 1

These display ads with video assets keep the same ability to scale ad creation, optimization, and testing.

2) Combinations Report

A new combinations report offers insights about how different creative asset combinations are performing.

This new report shows the top performing asset combinations that are being generated in your responsive display ads.

Google 2

Steps to access the combinations report in Google Ads-
  • Click on “View Ad Details” in the Ads Table.
  • Then choose “Combinations” tab.

3) Ad Strength Scorecard

Google introduces a new ad strength scorecard which would help in measuring the setup quality of your responsive display ads before they go live.

Google 3

Google Ads will inspect for the optimal number of unique headlines, descriptions, and images.

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