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Google seems to be rolling out an overhaul of AdWords Keyword Planner in the new AdWords interface.

The system in the new Keywords Planner is pretty much refined than the present or older version.

With the use of Google’s Material Design, it matches the interface of new AdWords and the amendment has been done in order for to make the new approach apparent instantly from the start screen.

As the older version offers choices and links, the new one is more programmed and segmented into two sections only, “Find new keywords” and “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords”.


Here are the details of the updates made in the new Keyword Planner.

Keyword Ideas

The chart of Keyword ideas made in the new Keyword Planner displays monthly search volumes like the previous version, but this also includes mobile search volume in its main chart. However, in the prior version, mobile search volume appears on the Search volume trends drop-down menu.

Although, the new Keyword Planner doesn’t include ad impressions, share comparisons and market leader domains which were present in the earlier search volume trends drop-down menu.

To filter out the keywords or negatives already present in the account, users need to click on the filter button below the chart.

These two metrics are present in Keyword ideas. If a user’s site ranks for them, they can see “Organic impression share and Organic average position for the keywords” and also ample data is available.

Users can view this data, but the Search Console and AdWords accounts needed to be linked together for this and also users should include columns to the Keyword ideas report.

keyword ideas



In the previous version of the tool, it requires the users to fix a bid in order to find forecasting and they are allowed to adjust the slider in the chart to understand how changes in the bid impact the other performance metrics, as shown in the following image-

Whereas in the new forecast there is an immediate display of total estimated performance impact which includes a max CPC from the keywords.

Here is the option to manage the bid settings by going in the drop-down on the plan estimates or by clicking the max CPC.

Now, no need to toggle between menu tabs for viewing device and location like you do in an earlier version, the new one has cards for detecting devices and locations. Users can manage the metrics shown in those cards.

Till now, the outreach of the new Keyword Planner has not been measured, so you may not find them in your Google AdWords account. You may get some updated information from Google very soon.

Users may take time for getting used to the new Keyword Planner, but the changes are definitely on improving the older version which has become difficult to navigate. adwords-keyword-planner-forecast-old


Table of Contents

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