The mobile app is designed to help the users in scanning the real-world photographs in fraction of seconds. Digital copies created of pictures can also be stored online on Google photos app.

The device can be positioned in such a way over a real-world photograph that the entire picture becomes visible within the frame in the PhotoScan app.

Then tap on the capture button which will cause four dots to appear in the environment through augmented reality. After that users are asked to move the device in order to line up another circle on the screen with each of the four circles.

As soon as this step gets completed, your image will be processed. And a digital version of it will also be provided to you for storing and sharing purpose.


The application is rolled out with amazing features. The edges of the photograph will be automatically detected by the app to crop and it will also be properly oriented by automated rotation. If there is any glare in the picture then it will also be removed.

Another feature which is worth noting is that the photos can be manually tweaked after being processed too.

The PhotoScan application is available for free download on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.  The photos created by this app can be uploaded on other platforms too.

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