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Google AdWords is getting a facelift that will help it look a lot more Google-y and a lot less like a boring advertising platform. Google is undertaking a brand new redesign of Google AdWords to bring it up to date with a mobile first & multi-screen world.

Here are Google’s first screenshots of the new redesign.

google ad

Google announced the start of a major redesign process aimed at rejuvenating the AdWords interface. The last time Google touched up AdWords was way back in 2008.

The new design will also function better for advertisers whose campaigns are becoming increasingly complex with not just regular search ads, but display, video and remarketing campaigns as well.

AdWords Project Management director Paul Feng said “The reason we’re rebuilding AdWords is because the world has changed so much in the past two years. AdWords is now over 15 years old and launched when Google was just figuring out what search advertising was. We rebuilt it several years ago for a desktop world — smartphones were only one year old. Now we are in probably the biggest shift since AdWords was introduced (and I’d argue perhaps ever) with mobile.

Google used Material Design, which is featured in the recent redesigns of multiple other AdWords products.

Adwords will focus more on businesses using Adwords. It sounds like their main goal is to create a more user-friendly platform by making it easier to manage campaigns and making the data you want easier to find. Google hopes that will help customers run more campaigns and find new opportunities.

Google will be rolling out this new experience on a limited basis, throughout the rest of this year and into 2017.  Google will invite new advertisers to test run the new experience and provide feedback, similar to how Google has handled the redesign of other products.

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