Google users can now add hashtags in Google Maps and GMB reviews, making them more searchable.

Although Google didn’t announce it officially, but TechCrunch reports confirmed that the update came into action a week ago.

The hashtags to the reviews can only be added on Android devices as of now.

Users can add maximum five hashtags to reviews and Google suggests them to add at the end of reviews instead of appending them into the main text.

Google not only suggests adding hashtags at the end of the reviews but also in a proper manner so that they become useful to searchers.

See this example-

#vegan, #locallyowned, #hiddengem, and #ketofriendly

This pattern would help people find definite things they’re searching for in a restaurant.

But, writing a review about a place visited a year ago and appending #throwbackthursday won’t work for people.

Google users can edit hashtags in old reviews, and include in new ones.

In May 2018, Google introduced “search for keywords in Google reviews”.

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