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In the latest marketing move, Google is going to refine its AdSense policies. The procedure will ensure that every new site is verified or not before displaying ads.

AdSense publishers will have to add each individual website to their account if they’re willing to place ads on more than one site.

Then Google will review each site with its 2-step verification process.

Google’s 2-Step Verification Procedure

In the first verification process, AdSense publishers need to prove either they’re the owner of the website or able to make changes in the content.

In the second verification process, Google will go through the site to check the compliance with its AdSense Program policies.

Once the site gets approved by Google for AdSense ads publishing, it will be marked as “Ready”.

What to do if site/s get disapproved?

If your site has not been approved by Google, it will be marked as “Needs Attention”.

Then the site owner can rectify the issues for re-application for publishing the AdSense ads.

Is This Change Going to Affect Marketers or Not?

This change will rename “My Sites” to “Sites” and will move it to the top of the menu.

With this renaming, the majority of AdSense users will not get affected.

If anyone gets, they can ask for help to Google for finding the right ad code while adding a new site.

Google is making this change in order to improve the quality of AdSense.

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