Google brought a new update to start this week. This update includes the company’s new markup that will allow site proprietors to customize how their search snippets are displayed.

Google’s announcement on Twitter:

The new markup was rolled out last month i.e. in September and gives site proprietors greater control of how their content is being previewed in Google search snippets.

This new markup will also help site owners customize numerous search snippet attributes. Attributes can have a maximum length of a snippet, the length of the video as well as the size of thumbnail images.

The new markup also has the power to restrict entire sections of text from appearing in a snippet, for those who are not willing to put too much information in the SERPs.

SEO experts and site owners who have done and implemented the markup to their sites will start to see the changes in search results in the next few weeks.

Those who haven’t done this can implement the markup anytime. You can see the changes the next time Google crawls your website.

Last, but not least this update is not made to affect the search rankings of sites that use the new markup. This markup is made to affect show snippets from the site are shown in search results.

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