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Google is not human, but understands what humans want, and giving an ethical approach to modern marketing. People love services which are ethical, genuine and deliver quick results.

In the latest post published on Google Webmaster Central blog, Google mentioned introducing three new search console reports.

Before we dive further into the main content, let’s see what is Search Console?

Google Search Console is the place from where you measure “how Google optimizes your content using Search Analytics as well as get alerts on your issues and also fix the site.”

These new Search Console reports include enhancement reports for the ‘Sitelinks search box’ and Logo’ structured data as well as Unparsable structured data report. Earlier reports were on Recipe, Event, Job Posting, and others.

Enhancement reports show the entire trends of errors, warnings, and legitimate items on a site. The reports also provide warning and errors per page.

See the example of an enhancement report:


When users clicking on the colored boxes, they’ll see each issue separately. If a user clicks on one of the rows below the boxes, he/she will see which pages are creating issues.

The third reports i.e. Unparsable structured data reports.

How do they work?

Through these reports, users will be able to see if there’s any structured data on a website that Google is unable to identify due to a parsing error.

See the example of the report:


All items showing in the report are errors, but the report doesn’t show any result on warnings or issues.

If you fix any issue available in the Unparsable Structured Data report, don’t forget to run URL using Google’s structured data testing tool. This way you can validate the fix.

Google is trying its best to provide users about the issues of the website and this will ultimately help searchers.

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