When it comes to service, Google offers a multitude of online products.

One of the best examples is YouTube.

This time it has brought a new set of tools which will allow content professionals to test and measure the effectiveness of YouTube videos.

Google has named it YouTube’s “creative suite,” which uses AdWords’ reporting system to conduct experiments and reach creative insights.

Video Experiments

Content professionals can now conduct video experiments with a head-to-head AdWords testing tool.

The tool analyzes brand expansion and also measures the effectiveness of key metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent and more.

Google delivers results from video experiments within three days of running.

Video Creative Analytics Reports 

Along with new YouTube video experiment tool, Google will also bring a feature to create reports for YouTube videos creative performances.

With the stats given in reports, content professionals will be able to measure the impact of videos at grabbing the attention of different audience segments.

Google will also enable users to annotate key moments in video allowing reports to show how many viewers watched those moments.

Show Right Videos to Right Audience 

Google has put a feature named YouTube Director Mix in alpha testing.

With this feature, users will be able to make numerous versions of the same video and they can customize their videos to show difference audience segments.

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