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Google excited to announce an updated version of Merchant Center, which offers the same functionality user are accustomed, with new updated navigation and easier access to additional Shopping programs.

The Home page features the products overview chart showing active, expiring, pending or disapproved products; announcements, links to your product feeds; as well as chart of paid clicks coming from shopping campaigns.

With updates to Merchant Center, user can see a quick, responsive new interface, aligned with the trendy look and feel of the rest of Google’s products. Google have changed Merchant Center navigation by bundling common tasks and actions.

Merchant Center now let users discover new ways to apply your data to promote and sell your products.

In addition to the user interface changes, Google updated a number of our most-used Merchant Center features to enhance speed and functionality, helping users get their products online more quickly:

Feed Rules: Feed rule allows user to create changes to the feed without having to edit it directly.

Diagnostics pages: Google increased the freshness of data within the diagnostics page. Now, the most recent result from your feed uploads and product updates are going to be displayed in near-real time instead of twice a day.

Currency Conversion: Google is increasing the Currency Conversion feature to advertisers running Shopping campaigns in different countries. It allows sellers to display products within the local currency without requiring changes to existing landing pages.


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