Google has announced a mobile payment service, called Google Payment, which is designed to facilitate an easier checkout experience for online purchases. Starting October 23, 2017, users can now speed through online checkout on many of their favorite apps and websites with a few quick clicks.

When you use Google Payment, you can pay with any of the credit or debit cards you’ve added to your Google Account from products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay.

Google sends the merchant your payment info and shipping address using the information from your account, no typing required. Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase.

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Merchants may be pleased to know Google Pay doesn’t charge any transaction fees. You can go through Google’s developer doc to learn how to get started with the Google Payment API.

The brand has partnered with a selection of popular payment providers, with more to come in the future. Google Payment currently supports Adyen, Braintree, Vantiv, and Stripe.

If your transactions are processed by any of the listed payment providers then you can start using Google Payment immediately.

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