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Google Ads coming up with a prime solution for users to make them know when ads are removed due to policy violations.

The new ‘Policy Manager’ added to Google Ads will inform users about ad removals and enable them to create policy appeals.

In some cases, Google may find policy violations during the procedure of ad creation.

Google Ads will have the following changes in April.

Policy Manager

Policy Manager allows users for monitoring policy restrictions of ads, keywords, and extension throughout their entire account.

In coming months, Google will provide recommendations for fixing ads, an outline of account certifications, a history of appeals, and much more.

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Steps to access Policy manager-
  • Click on “Setup” in the Tools Table.
  • Choose Policy Manager.

Other Insight & Policy Appeals


From last year, Google started advertisers know why their ads were disapproved. Google will continue that process.

When users will disagree with the action taken by Google, they can soon submit an appeal.

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Accounts will start getting this feature from this spring.

Identify Violations in Advance

Google can spot policy violations in the course of ad creation.

In that case, Google will now send real-time feedback to users so that they can detect possible policy violations before the occurrence.

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This feature will be useful in making the essential changes to meet the terms of Google’s policies before submitting ads for approval.

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