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YouTube videos are going to get more shoppable, as the company announced a new ad unit called Shopping ads.

With the introduction of this new ad tool, Google really wants advertisers to promote their products on YouTube and to allow consumers to start the purchase process directly from those videos.

So if you’re watching something on YouTube, you might start seeing an info icon on the upper right corner of the video. Clicking on the icons will bring up related Cards, including any product ads, and clicking on the ads will take you to the merchant website.

“Shoppable ads on YouTube provide an entirely new revenue stream for creators, providing another way to monetize product-focused videos. They also provide a more interactive experience for viewers, letting them shop directly from videos.

Google said they will run similarly to Shopping ads on Google Search, with an auction model, targeting based on context and audience and advertisers only need to pay when a viewer clicks through to their website.

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