A new version of Google+ for Android version is being worked upon by Google, and it would completely be new and reprogrammed.

As per the words of Google+ engineer, Leo Deegan, the new G+ app will be launched within the next few days. The appearance of new one will remind you the look of parent one. But, the technology features will completely be different here.

“..this new version is the culmination of a complete rewrite of many core features using Google’s latest Android app infrastructure which will allow our Android team to build new features on a modern tech stack.”

In addition to rewritten core features, some subtle updates have been added including:

Along with reprogrammed core features, some delicate updates have also been added together with-
  • Better stream exposure and scrolling
  • Redesigned photo lightbox
  • Leave a comment with swipe up
  • Now, post authors can view grey-spammed comments

Dragon Final Animation

Google acknowledges there are some bugs which are still under lenses and curation. A complete rewriting of the app is expected.

The new handy Google+ app would be available in the next few days.

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