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Google images will have copyright and author information in their images as the company has coordinated with international standards organizations to do this.

This feature will appear on images having author and copyright metadata that could drive more traffic.

Why Consider Addition of IPTC Metadata?

The addition of metadata will help get your images discovered through Google images.

This gets imperative for organizations and individual people monetizing their images to as it will get more traffic.

“Employing IPTC metadata standards in Google Images results will help ensure proper attribution of credit and support photographers’ copyright, while also boosting the discoverability of content and creators. This is a win for the professional photo community.”

What is Image Metadata?                                          

The IPTC Photo Metadata Standard is the data embedded in the image itself. The metadata is purposely included in the photo, although it’s not automatically available in every image.

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Know the Image Metadata Google is showing?

The official announcement made on IPTC standards page, Google will start displaying a credit line, a copyright notice and the data about the image’s creator.

The credit line includes text the image owner needs to be shown while image display on Google Images. 

WordPress Plugins Can Remove IPTC Metadata

There are many WordPress plugins optimizing images. This optimization process can remove the creator metadata by default.

For instance the Optimus image compression plugin. In such a case, only manual action can stop from happening this.

How to Embed IPTC Photo Meta Data?

You can add IPTC Photo Meta Data by using the following tools-

  • “Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
  • The free image manipulation tool GIMP – see their docs
  • Photographer tools such as ACDSee Pro, FotoStation, PhotoMechanic and the Digital Asset Management system Extensis Portfolio
  • For the more technical, the command-line ExifTool can be run in a script to update many images at the same time.”

Official IPTC Image Specifications

The official definition of the Creator line:

“Contains the name of the photographer, but in cases where the photographer should not be identified as the name of a company or organization may be appropriate.”

Official specification of the Credit line:

“The credit to the person(s) and/or organization (s) required by the supplier of the image to be used when published. This is a free-text field.”

Official specification of the Copyright line:

“Contains any necessary copyright notice for claiming the intellectual property for this photograph and should identify the current owner of the copyright for the photograph. Other entities like the creator of the photograph may be added in the corresponding field. Notes on usage rights should be provided in “Rights usage terms”.

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