Google rolled out a number of best practices so that advertisers can improve the Google Ads optimization score.

Optimization score is a metric that evaluates how good your Google Ads campaign is optimized. This was introduced in August 2018.

The credentials of the score range between 0 to 100%.

Advertisers can find their optimization score in the ‘Recommendations’ section in Google Ads. It appears something like the following example-


How to Improvize Your Google Ads Optimization Score

Google provides the following three best practices to improve your optimization score.

1. Organized account management

Users need to prioritize the action which highest potential improve optimization score.

Google Ads gets easy by recommending the best most impactful optimizations for an account.

Optimization scores depend on historical performance, and machine learning to make recommendations.

2. Apply recommendations as per your business objectives

Google suggests to recommendations on regular basis. The Ads often offers new recommendations on the basis of real-time data

Get the top of the latest recommendations checking them regularly.

3. Analyze recommendations as per your observations

Google says that users are able to filter recommendations by these 4 sections-

  • Ads & extensions
  • Keywords & targeting
  • Bids & budgets
  • Repairs

Recommendations are available for offline analysis. Users can download them.

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