To address the problems of publishers about how to support their subscription businesses with a focus, Google has declared removing its search feature called First Click Free. The service now will get replaced by ‘Flexible Sampling’.

Revealing the news through its official blog post, Google said that, “Publishers are in the best position to determine what level of free sampling works best for them. So, as of this week, we are ending the First Click Free policy, which required publishers to provide a minimum of three free articles per day via Google Search and Google News before people were shown a paywall.”

Here, publishers will choose how many, if any, free articles they need to give to potential subscribers based on their own business strategies.

This move is informed by Google’s own research, publisher feedback, and months-long experiments with the New York Times and the Financial Times, both of which operate successful subscription services.

Simplified Subscription Support

In an effort to simplify website subscriptions, Google has begun taking advantage of its existing identity and payment technologies to enable people subscribe on a publication’s website with a single click, and then, seamlessly access that content anywhere.

Once subscribed, users will then have the access to get to content from a site across all of Google’s services. It is collaborating with publishers around the globe on how to build a subscription mechanism that can meet the needs of a diverse array of approaches.

It is also exploring how Google’s machine learning capabilities can help publishers recognize potential subscribers and present the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

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