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Google offers a number of products for businesses to use them for managing different tasks. One of them is Google My Business.

Google now allows businesses to add service menus in their Google My Business listings.

It has expanded a feature introduced earlier this year, enabling restaurants to add food and drink menus to their GMB listings.

Not only restaurants, health and beauty services can also add menus to their GMB listings.

Menus are organized comprising just a name, description and price for each item. Individual items can then be added into respective sections.

Businesses can add menus available inside the “info” tab in the GMB dashboard. The menu editor looks like this-

GMB Menu

Businesses can now access this feature if their listing is not currently added to a third party menu provider. The feature is only available for businesses that are in English speaking areas.


Google has always supported businesses across the world and provided them tools which resolve their business management hurdles.

GMB or Google My Business is one of them and this brings many facilities for businesses under this product.

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