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Google My Business or GMB is a powerful tool that helps businesses get included in their business listing to reach billions of Google users in no time.

Google introduced two new post types for businesses to highlight product and offers. GMB will use the new ‘product’ and ‘offer’ post types to post about the product and promotional details.

Google My Business posts are shown in local search and Map results whenever the GMB listing is returned.

Find more details about two new post types-

Event posts:

These sorts of post help in promoting an event that a business supports or engaged with.

One needs to add a title, start/end dates and time, may also include CTA button, image/video or other required information.

Offer posts:

These are the posts providing offers or promotional sales from the business.

Lie Event posts, it also needs a title and start/end dates and times.

It has the privilege to add a title and start/end dates and times.

One can also add the coupon code, link, a photo/video, and terms and condition in the post.

Also, there is a “View Offer” CTA button that gets automatically added to the post.

Any business having a verified Google My Business listing can make posts on Google.

Table of Contents

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