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Google knows it has a search quality issue and is trying genuinely to filter fake news, which has turned into a prominent issue for individuals attempting to game the search ranking system. As the details say around 0.25% of every day queries return content which is hateful, misleading, or not what the searcher was looking for.

“Project Owl” is an effort by Google to address these issues that includes three specific actions. Now, let’s take a closer look at Google’s stratagem for discomforting fake news:

Ranking Signals

Without uncovering excessively about its own formula, Google says its ranking signals have been accustomed to surface more authoritative pages and downgrade fake news.

Search Quality Rater Guidelines

Google has a team of individuals who evaluate searches, called quality raters. They all have a wide-ranging set of guidelines which state how search queries should be rated. Segments were lately added to the guidelines with respect to offensive and misleading content.

Direct Feedback Tools

Google is making it convenient to flag content which shows up either in the Autocomplete suggestions or as a Featured Snippet. Feedback will be used to perk up Google’s algorithms.

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Increased Transparency

A newly released Help Center document gives information about how Google handles Autocomplete, particularly concerning removing suggestions. An updated How Search Works site is intended to pull back the curtain on search and help individuals see how it functions.

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