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Google has always intended to make Search useful and effective for its users. The long existing format and amount of search on Google have changed drastically. These changes are available as of now only on mobile and smartphones.

What was the goal behind Google’s new updation?


Reasons for the new changes in SERP-

Google comes up with the new design to take the website’s branding at front and center. This will help users to understand the origin of the information and also what pages have what you’re searching for.

The website’s name and its icon appear at the top of the SERP to anchor every result. This also helps users in deciding what to explore next. At the same time, it also helps site owners learn in detail about how to select a preferred icon for organic listings here.

Searching for a product or service, you’ll see a bolded ad label at the top of the card beside the web address so you can immediately identify where the information is coming from.

As Google is looking forward to creating new content formats and helpful actions available, like from buying movie tickets to playing podcasts, this new design will help to add more actions buttons and previews to search results.

For the desktop, this new design will be rolled out very soon.

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