Google is introducing a new report in Analytics which evaluates a website’s custom audiences.

There is no official announcement, though Google is notifying users upon logging into Analytics.

Audiences in Analytics are users that you group together based on any combination of attributes that is meaningful to your business.”

Here is the notice that comes up for those who have access to the new report:


After clicking on ‘SEE REPORT’, it will take you to the report. It also generates another notification with links to ‘LEARN MORE’ about it.


You directly accessed manually by opening ‘Reports’, expanding the ‘AUDIENCE’ tab and clicking on ‘Audiences’. It’s visibly marked as ‘NEW’.


To see data in the Audiences report, you first need to:
  • Enable Demographics and Interests
  • Create audiences in Analytics
  • Publish those audiences to Analytics

What the metrics tell you:


The Acquisition metrics allow you to know the volume of users an audience is sending you and how well the audience works to get your potential new business.


The Behavior metrics allow you to know how well your site engages users based on bounce rate, pages per session, and time on site.


The Conversions metrics allow you to know whether users are completing transactions and goals and generating revenue at the rate you want.

How to respond

If a particular audience is performing well in terms of delivering users who engage and convert, you can:

  • Dedicate more of your marketing budget to bidding on ads for those users
  • Expand the number of sites on which you bid for ads shown to those users
  • Expand the hours through the day when you bid on ads shown to those users
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