Google analytics has a slightly name change it’s now being called “Google Analytics Solutions”. Google analytics solutions are excited to announce two new features: workspace in Google Tag manager and Tag manager 360.

The main goal of these features is to solve workflow challenges that organizations and multi-user teams frequently tackled when creating and editing tags.

Workspaces offer you more than one space to do your work. Team users can now easily work on tags at the same time, or create rapid changes without publishing everything that’s in the works. Simply create a new workspace, make your changes, and hit publish. Tags, triggers, and variables being worked on in other workspaces will remain unaffected.

Google says Tag Manager will tell users if tags are changed in a different workspace and help guide them through the process of resolving any conflicts created in that situation.

The new workspaces functionality is accessible from August 29, 2016. Tag Manager 360 customers can make unlimited workspaces, while regular Tag Manager Users will get three workspaces per container.

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